If only ceilings, walls, and hallways could talk. Well, they can. Not in so many words (unless your home is haunted by talking ceilings, walls, and hallways). But in the lexicon of design—texture, color, dimension, and scale—the interior of your home speaks volumes. How can you get them to speak your language in the most beautiful possible way? Start with crown molding, casing & base molding, and ceiling trim.

Interior trim and molding are more than just add-ons. They utilize every part of a room to make the most of that room, while simultaneously adding dimension, focal points, a sense of scale, and degrees of elegance.

Why is this important? Because spending any amount of time in a room that has not realized its full potential can often lead to feelings that are the opposite of happy. Let’s get acquainted with interior trim and molding. You’ll discover what works with the architecture of your home and every room within it. Which should make you feel the opposite of sad. Click here to see some clever ways people have used crown molding and trim to really enhance their homes. 

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Crown Molding

The most dramatic—and dramatically low-maintenance—way to announce that your ceiling has arrived.

Casing & Base Molding

Kick up the charm from the ground up by smoothing your floor-to-wall transitions and showcasing your entryways.

Ceiling Trim

Do your ceiling and your entire interior proud, no matter what your home style.